Rice for the Children of the Philippines


Due to the CORONAVIRUS CRISIS, many people have lost their jobs and don’t know how to feed their families. Even the children’s homes I visited no longer receive rice donations without the tourists. Desperation is high. We must help these children!

A sack of rice (50 kg) costs 40 euros. We want to buy at least 300 sacks of rice for several islands and children’s homes in the Philippines. This is the minimum they need to survive the next two weeks. In this time of need, let’s first help the smallest and poorest, across all borders.

Please transfer your rice donation to the nonprofit organization. Of course, a donation receipt can be issued for your taxes.

Donation to:
Gemeinsam schöner leben e.V.
Sparkasse Bochum
IBAN: DE86 4305 0001 0021 4110 04