Our Vision

“Together living beautifully” is the name and motto of our non-profit organization. We believe that no one is happy alone. We all wish for happiness together, as a pair, as a trio, as a group… The more people are happy and satisfied, the easier it is for each individual to be happy and satisfied. What benefits only a minority often harms everyone.

What benefits everyone is always also for the benefit of the minority. Strengthening the well-being of all should be the main concern of each individual. Only in this way is the happiness of the individual secured. The happiness of the group is happiness in and of itself!

Unity is the most important thing in life and the hidden driving force of evolution.

Cooperation makes the life of a cell possible, just as in a complex organism, a body, a family, a society. Cooperation should become the principle of the economy, which is currently still geared towards competition. Humanity has collectively brought itself into a fatally life-threatening situation, from which we can only emerge together. An educationally empty and money-hungry economy resembles an illness and not a cure. Healing arises when we pick up the lost pieces of our soul. Being healed means being whole.

God, as the ultimate goal and essence of healing, should therefore also be the goal and essence of economics. Aligning oneself with the whole, with wholeness, promises healing experiences in every moment. We want spiritual doctors, spiritual politicians, spiritual bankers, a spiritual economy for a world where it is worth living for everyone and for each one!

1. Money for all!

Man is a highly social being, yet the monetary system in which we live has turned us into individual combatants. Therefore, the association advocates for a regional currency and unconditional basic income. In nature, growth serves only to achieve an optimal size. This size has long been reached and even exceeded by many companies. Money leads to more power, and more power leads to more money. This undermines democracy, and the immense capital of companies tempts abuse of power. Local economies suffer for the sake of global exploitation. In capitalism, money has replaced human dignity. Money has become a commodity, and the purpose of economic activity has become an end in itself.

Money should and must serve a good life for all! This is no longer the case. Human dignity is only secured through sufficient financial means. Therefore, we must return the number one power medium back into the hands of the people. “All power to the people” means “all money to the people”. Universal basic income is the key to enabling all other goals of the association.

2. Education for all

We strive for the self-determined feelings, thoughts, and actions of individuals and believe in the ideal of goodness in each of us. Acting selflessly and kindly comes easily to us when we are well. Egoism always arises from a spiritual or physical lack. Families are breaking apart, and both old and young people are increasingly experiencing loneliness. Even serious crimes occur only due to a lack of spiritual or physical nourishment.

Happiness, joy of life, is the highest good in humans; it must be socially promoted. The meaning of life is to live in joyful community. “Spaces for shared happiness” should be open to everyone – regardless of church, faith, or origin. Strengthening the dignity, goodness, and compassion of individuals should be the main concern of a social community to develop happy, loving personalities who in turn act altruistically. This “goodness in people”, their dignity, their true value, must be promoted by the community for the benefit of all. Universal basic income is a step in that direction. We can only be kind when physical well-being is not threatened.

Education is the highest good of humanity and the path to a self-determined life. Education must be affordable. Thus, the self-determination of the group collides with the financial interests of the elite. Promoting education, schooling, and learning in social communities that view each other not as competitors but as valuable members of the same society is therefore a goal of the association.

3. Forest for all

Nature has a proven healing effect on the human soul. Nature enhances the recovery, healing, and inner dignity of individuals, from childhood to old age. Special support should be given to these two groups, the very young and the very old. The value of nature – the contact with it and the special, even spiritual relationship that each individual can experience in harmony with nature – is a lost asset in the performance-driven society. The sense of connection with the cosmos, which is the true essence of the soul, should be promoted thanks to the association. A house should become as green as a tree, and the city as green as a forest. We want to bring city dwellers into the forest and bring the forest back into the city. The association’s declared goal is the acquisition of large forest properties near the city. This will enable the construction of a forest kindergarten, a forest school, and a forest retirement home.

Donations are warmly welcomed and have made our projects possible. The association will promptly issue a donation receipt to you. Every donation can be fully tax-deductible and is warmly appreciated.

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