Education for All

We strive for self-determined feeling, thinking, and acting of the individual and believe in the ideal of goodness in each of us. Acting selflessly and kindly comes naturally to us when we are well. Egoism always arises only from a spiritual or physical deficiency. Families fall apart, and both old and young people are increasingly isolated. Even serious crimes occur only from a lack of spiritual or physical nourishment.

Happiness, the joy of life, is the highest good of humanity and should be socially promoted. The purpose of life is to live in joyful community. Everyone should have “spaces for shared happiness” available to them – regardless of church, faith, or origin. Strengthening the dignity, kindness, and compassion of the individual should be the main concern of a social community in order to develop happy, loving personalities who, in turn, act for the common good.

This “good in people,” their dignity, their true value, must be promoted by the community for the benefit of all. Unconditional basic income is one way to achieve this. We can only be kind if physical well-being is assured. Education is the highest good of humanity and the path to a self-determined life. Therefore, education must be affordable. Thus, the self-determination of the group collides with the financial interests of the elite. Promoting education, schooling, and learning in social communities that see each other not as competitors but as valuable members of the same society is therefore a goal of the association.