Therapeutic Children’s and Youth Residential Group Tusculum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The therapeutic children’s and youth residential group Tusculum in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a family-replacing facility. Our task is to provide children and adolescents who, for various reasons, can no longer live with their biological families, with a suitable home.

This task has become more challenging in recent years, especially regarding the opportunities for societal participation due to inflation. One of the main concerns is the annual budget allocated to each of our children/adolescents, which is intended to cover all personal financial needs, regardless of age, gender, or individual situation.

When planning outings, visits to swimming pools, cultural events, birthdays, class trips, club memberships, purchasing seasonal clothing or bicycles, and even providing support through alternative healing methods, we often find ourselves questioning whether we can afford to allocate the necessary funds, or if it will push the child into a deficit for the year. As a result, many beneficial and desirable activities for our charges cannot be realized.

Expanding our financial flexibility to make some of these activities possible is our goal. Therefore, we kindly ask for your support in this matter.

The contact person is Ulrike Weiß

Tel. 01512 990 12 97

Donation to:
Gemeinsam schöner leben e.V.
Sparkasse Bochum
IBAN: DE86 4305 0001 0021 4110 04