Gaia 2.0

The publishing industry is in crisis. Paper prices and printing costs continue to rise, and Amazon has gained so much power that it can outmaneuver any publisher. That’s why we’re raising funds for a very important and beautiful project to help Mother Earth. The book “Gaia 2.0” by Hartmut Lohmann still needs to be printed. The costs for the enchanting illustrations, which are so crucial for understanding the text, amount to 4,000 euros. The layout and printing costs are 8,000 euros. Therefore, we are seeking and collecting a total of 12,000 euros. Every larger donation over 20 euros will be rewarded with a book, which we will then send to you free of charge. For donations of 100 euros or more, you will receive a donation receipt that you can use for tax purposes. The total will only be reached if some also donate over 500 euros. Thank you!


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