Awakening Inner Peace:
Trauma Healing and Self-Development

Date: September 25, 2024
Time: from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

»Every trauma contains the seed of renewal and growth.« – Hartmut Lohmann

A trauma is not just an emotional state but an experience deeply inscribed in our consciousness that affects our perception and actions. It changes how we experience the world and ourselves and often carries a burden of pain, fear, and uncertainty that can profoundly impact our daily lives and relationships.

Why continue to carry this burden?
Why not free yourself from this shackle at your ankle, this burden on your shoulders, this mask of shame? We warmly invite you, without any obligation and on a donation basis, to soften the deep layers of your traumatic experiences.

In this healing session, Hartmut will use the vital Chi healing to restore emotional and energetic balance. Through targeted energy work, he will support each participant in establishing healthy healing energy.

Heal your trauma in a safe space where every participant finds the necessary support to free themselves from the chains of the past and lead a more fulfilling, freer life!

Let go of the past and boldly step into a brighter future.

We welcome every participant!

The Chi Healing Team

Support us through your donation!

The donations this time will be specifically used for the therapeutic children’s and youth housing. Children are our future, and we aim to contribute to a world where children are not disadvantaged. For more information, please visit our website.

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