Revitalization of the Body: Strengthening the Kidneys

Date: November 10, 2024
Time: from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

»The kidneys are the energetic crossroads in the energy body; a free flow of the kidneys is essential for survival. The kidneys store and distribute energy in the body.« – Hartmut Lohmann

It literally goes to our kidneys when worries and troubles weigh us down. The kidneys play a crucial role in our energy balance and detoxification. They are not only responsible for filtration and detoxification but also central energy reservoirs that influence our vitality. Weakening of the kidneys can lead to numerous subsequent illnesses, including high blood pressure, calcification of joints and arteries, and even heart attacks.

In the upcoming group healing on a donation basis, you are invited to revitalize your kidneys and strengthen your health. The kidney function of each participant will be optimized and improved, thereby enhancing overall health.

Heal and strengthen your kidneys in the healing sphere that Hartmut Lohmann creates to ensure a free and powerful energy flow in your body. Free yourself from energy blockages and emerge vital and energized from this healing space.

We welcome every participant!

The Chi Healing Team

Support us through your donation!

The donations this time will be specifically used for the therapeutic children’s and youth housing. Children are our future, and we aim to contribute to a world where children are not disadvantaged. For more information, please visit our website.

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