1000 Trees for Peace

Symbolically, we are planting 1000 trees for peace. Nature has been proven to have a healing effect on the human soul. Nature enhances recovery, healing, and inner dignity from childhood to old age. Special support should be given to these two groups, the very young and the very old. The value of nature – the contact with it and the special, even spiritual relationship that everyone can experience in harmony with nature – is a lost treasure in a performance-driven society. This feeling of connectedness with the cosmos, which is the true essence of the soul, should be promoted with the help of the association.

Peace is more important than ever in times like these. And no living being on earth lives and dies more peacefully than a tree. Join us and help us plant new trees in North Rhine-Westphalia and thereby make a statement, so that peace in the world grows along with the trees.

Thank you!

The project has already been successfully completed!